"I was not prepared for the impact this book would have on me personally.  I have been a Christian virtually my entire life.  I have literally read hundreds of Christian books on a variety of topics written by authors of every kind.  I continue to search through them and to read, because every now and then I come across a gem.  I hold in my hands one of those gems.  Words that contain a truth that God has revealed to someone afresh.  An author who has taken the time to carefully translate the language of the soul into words - and I am blessed.  Blessed, encouraged, instructed, motivated, and perhaps…given a new insight into the heart of my God.  This book does that for me and I believe that it will do so for many others."

Wayne Lowery, Co-Founder of Faith on Wheels Racing


"The prayer of Forgiven Ministry is that God will send us speakers and teachers who are passionate for the souls of men.  John Hart is just that as he looks at the prisoners that we serve through the eyes of Christ.  His anointed ability to teach on prayer and unconditional love has paved a road for those who live in darkness to walk in light.  John gives spiritual insight into a meaningful prayer life."

Scottie Barnes - Founder of Forgiven Ministry, Inc.


"John is able to write about prayer because he is a man of prayer.  John is not writing from a lofty distant perspective but draws from a deep well of intimacy with God.  This read will surely empower people to hear the voice of God in their lives.  I highly recommend this book for any person wanting to experience God in a deeper way."

Chad Moore - Campus Pastor
The Church at Lifepark - Mount Pleasant, SC


"After spending many years as John Hart’s pastor, and because I know John to be a man of prayer, it is my privilege to recommend this book for your reading. I am confident you will be blessed."

Dr. Clifton Black
Mountain Grove Church - Baton, NC


"I want to take this privilege to say some things that I mean from the depths of my heart.  John is not only my son, but at a very early age John became my brother when he trusted the Lord Jesus Christ as his Savior at the age of eight, and it has been a very unique experience to watch our Heavenly Father mold him into the person he is today.
    Since John was a youth, he has read books by some well known authors and teachers, and studied with great interest about prayer. I have also watched him practice the avenue of prayer as he many times struggled with various situations that God allowed into his life.  Through those times I watched God mold him into one who has become strongly convinced that prayer is a blessing.  Almighty God, as our Father, provides prayer as a means for us to come into His throne of mercy.
   I know the desire John has in writing this book is that others would find themselves being drawn to pray, not just as speaking phrases or sentences to God, but having an intimate relationship that would cause each reader to desire to learn to, “pray without ceasing”.

Felix Hart - Author's Dad


"Lots of practical relevance packed between two covers.  John Hart is as thought provoking in print as he is in person. This material would be the basis for a great class at any church, and even better if you could get John to come and present it."

Dr. George D. Smith - Executive Pastor
Mountain View Baptist,  Hickory, NC