John currently lives in Granite Falls, North Carolina. His wife of almost 30 years passed away in 2014 after a yearlong battle with recurrent ovarian cancer. They have two grown children, Philip and Daphne. John grew up in North Carolina but his family moved several times during his school years giving him the opportunity to live and learn in several different states before getting married and settling back down in his home state. God has allowed John to work in several capacities over the years including mechanic, salesman & CEO of a million dollar company. He is an Inventor, has played Men's Power Volleyball at the National level and raced 600cc Motorcycles at the AMA Professional level. It is through many of these experiences in life that God has taught John how to apply the Truths of Scripture in a personal and inspirational way. Much earlier in life, at the young age of 8 years old, John realized that eternal salvation required a choice and decision on his part. It was at that crossroad that John made the decision to give his life to Christ. Since then he has committed himself to the study and teaching of God's Word. Whether he's writing, ministering to racers at the track or teaching in a church or prison, John works hard to convey truth with word pictures that are easy to understand. His passion and calling are to communicate the attributes of God to a hurting and doubting world, by dealing with topics that are meaningful and relevant to today's culture, without compromising the Truth of God's Word.